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In the recent years the trend towards health,figure & fitness has increased. Energy imbalance between calories consumed on one hand and calories expended on the other hand, urbanization , sedentary life styles and excessive consumption of SUGARY FOODS along with increased fat consumption specially saturated fats is leading India to obesity...

WHO New Guidelines proposes less
USE of Sugar.

Who recommends to consume to less than 5% Sugar of their total daily calories from sugar . and the Sugar consumption through processed food should be limited to 30 gms Sugar maximum in a day. To make it better understand. It is further elaborated that One CoLA Can contains + 35 gms of Sugar , which is higher than the prescribed limit of daily intake of SUGAR for a day...

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JJD Enterprises/ Sweetener India …is the Leading & Experienced Sucralose Supplier since year 2010 & is exclusively associated with JK Sucralose Inc**. . JK Sucralose Inc. is the Second Largest Sucralose Manufacturing Company of the world with designed long term annual capacity of 12000 MT.
JJD Enterprises has spread its Distribution network...